Invited Speaker
Dr. Valliappan Raju, Professor

Dr. Valliappan Raju, Professor

Centre of Postgraduate Studies, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia; International Islamic University of Malaysia, Malaysia
Speech Title: Adoption of Fintech To Overcome Illicit Financial Flows (IFF): Empirical Research Based on Horizontal Analysis Using Big Data

Abstract: Several traditional practices are coherently shifting to impeccable methods by maneuvering the needs of its users. This entails almost all verticals in an economy. Be it agriculture or export business, the scrupulous simplification has become a prerogative exertion. Among all the shifts, the enticing amusement is on FinTech for policy makers and corporates. FinTech has revolutionized and transformed the conventional operations that is been perceived since the inception of monetary transactions. In 2021, this has become a multibillion-dollar (USD) sector where leading companies and startups are flooding to venture in it. FinTech researchers and service-providers have produced impressive solutions to monitor not only the financial extravagance but also the convenience to a common man. This study is neither having an objective to carry out the merits nor demerits of FinTech, but to present a trend analysis of FinTech to alleviate the effects of shadow or parallel economy. This is possible if roots of Illicit Financial Flows (IFF) are captured. World Bank (World Bank Annual Report 2020) claims IFF as major driver of shadow economy. Every consecutive year International Monetary Fund (IMF) organizes a forum with economists and finance experts to submit their views or reports on progress of IFF in international trades. The reports are outrageous. Efforts are made to control IFFs but there hasn’t been a concrete plan. During this research, it was imperative to notice that few countries have bailed out of poverty line with the help of FinTech sector. Although this is unimaginable, there are authentic evidences submitted in this research about it. This led the authors to come up with this research using Big Data as a tool to measure using horizontal analysis or trend analysis.

Biography: Professor Valliappan Raju specializes in research methodology and spearheads Ph.D. program at Limkokwing University. And he exercises his Postdoc fellowship on FinTech research at IIUM, Malaysia. In April 2022 he obtained his Full-Professorship. He has published more than 250+ research publications at Scopus (Q1), SSCI, EI indexed journals. He is appointed as External Examiner to assess Ph.D. Viva defenses at Universities in Malaysia, UK and India. Under his supervision, 51 candidates have graduated with Ph.D. degrees. He serves as visiting research scholar at De Montfort University (UK) and a proud member of Oxford Philosophical society (UK), PMI (USA) and CPA (Australia). He reviews World Bank Conference Journals (USA) and SpringerNature journals. Vally’s book ‘Fundamentals of Thesis’ was well received among the research community. 14 researchers are presently under his supervision for Ph.D. Management program. He is constantly invited as Conference chair / keynote speaker at research forums held Worldwide. He focuses on Delphi Technique researches in Anthropology and FinTech. Recognizing his academic talent, he was given Resident Pass-Talent (RP-T) Visa by Immigration of Malaysia.

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