Invited Speaker
Dr. Jay Daniel, Senior Lecturer

Dr. Jay Daniel, Senior Lecturer

Derby Business School, University of Derby, United Kingdom
Speech Title: Exploring Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain

Abstract: Blockchain is envisaged as recent transformative innovation and progressively gaining traction from practitioner, academics and regulators across numerous industries. Blockchain capabilities are transforming the end to end supply chain activities. Blockchain has several potential benefits such as transparency, distributed ledger, immutability of records, etc. which could solve the issue of immutable ledgers distributed to many parties in the supply chain. These days customers are more demanding details about the source of the manufactured products such as raw materials, procurement, etc. As most blockchain initiatives are yet at the first outset, this paper explores blockchain technology in supply chain through literature survey and some case studies. The study reveals some interesting findings of the direction and trends regarding blockchain technology in supply chain. Furthermore, the research examines whether blockchain technology makes a good fit for use in a manufacturer supply chain. It presents summary of opportunities and challenges for adopting blockchain in the case study. The opportunities applying blockchain has possibilities to improve transparency, communication, asset identification and transactions in supply chain.

Keywords: Blockchain, Supply Chain Management, Distributed Ledger, Bitcoin, Transparency

Biography: Dr. Jay Daniel is a Programme Leader for MSc Supply Chain Improvement and Senior Lecturer in the Derby Business School at University of Derby. Before joining the Derby Business School he was a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Supply Chain and Information Systems at University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia. Previously with DB Schenker, Australia, and Alliance International Registrar, Asia Pacific, he held positions of Senior Management Consultant, Supply Chain Solution Analyst, Project Manager, Industry Trainer and Lead Auditor. He have made contributions to multiple research areas in the context of logistics and supply chain management with demonstrated practical applications across a wide range of industries. His primary areas of research focus are: Business Analytics and Supply Chain Management, Information Systems and Sustainable Supply Chain, Decision Making in Logistics and Supply Chain and Healthcare Supply Chain Management. An expert in applied and problem-driven research, he have used analytical tools and innovative optimization approaches to help managers create efficient, resilient and sustainable supply chains. He have been engaged in consulting to wide range of industries and organization structures, from small and medium size Australian companies to Fortune 500 corporations.